Grand Central Terminal Concourse and Facilities


Grand Central Terminal Concourse and Facilities

Customer: Verde Electric Corporation & Impulse Electrical Supply
Location: New York, NY
Completion Date: Currently in Progress


After meeting with one of our manufacturers and the bidding contractors prior to the bid, we developed a strategy to secure an award for the project above. The timeline, complexity, and size of the project made it a difficult task to put together a complete bill of material and scope for the equipment needed on the project. To further complicate matters, there were several entities involved and reviewing the project as well as funding it. The scope of work included: 15KV Con Edison utility switchgear, 15KV distribution switchgear, 3750KVA isolation transformers, a complete SCADA system, short circuit and coordination studies, unit substations, low voltage switchgear, a UPS system, and panelboards. After reviewing all of the requirements, SSL put together a team of our manufacturers, an integrator, and supporting personnel to supply the best solution for all parties involved. The project is expected to be completed by March 2016.

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