Global Terminal & Container Services Electrical Substation


Global Terminal & Container Services Electrical Substation

Customer: EII Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Inc.
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Completion Date: Currently in Progress


After reviewing the bid documents for this project, we realized that the project scope clearly aligned with SSL’s solution strengths. After careful consideration and discussion with each manufacturer, SSL put together a scope letter that clearly identified the products and responsibilities for each individual manufacturer while issuing a complete and comprehensive bill of material to the bidding contractors. The scope of the product for this project included: an above ground 34.5KV substation inclusive of steel structures, motor operated switches, insulators, surge arresters, potential transformers, bus supports, copper tubing, and above ground grounding by DisTran Packaged Substations; a 7.5MVA liquid filled transformer by Sunbelt Transformer; 15KV arc resistant switchgear enclosed in a PCC building by PACS Industries; and a short circuit, coordination, and arc flash study by SSL. The engineered project equipment was submitted and approved by the consulting engineer and the Port Authority of NY&NJ. The project was installed and final energization is scheduled for March 2016.

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