Trinitas Hospital on New Year’s Eve


Trinitas Hospital on New Year’s Eve

  • Customer: EII Electrical Contractors
  • Location: Elizabeth, NJ
  • Completion Date: 3/20


A tragic transformer failure occurred at Trinitas Hospital on New Year’s Eve due to a leaking conduit. The original inquiry requested a new core and coil assembly to be delivered onsite. Time was a critical factor, but the ability to connect to existing primary and secondary connections was as well. After much discourse with EII we presented an option to rebuild the existing transformer on site which would minimize any current connection points risk. Additionally, this would reduce manufacturing time and eliminate any need for rigging. We contracted AMR PEMCO to come site, assess the existing unit and take measurements to rebuild 3 new coils to be delivered to the site for installation. New coils were manufactured, delivered, and installed on site by 3/25/2020. The transformer was tested and put into service two days later with an extended warranty. All parties involved were happy with this non-standard option and our ability to think outside the box.

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